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3/4 Why Losing Weight is so Hard @ Monument Market

​3/11 Why Gaining Weight is so Easy @ Monument Market

3/18 Food for your Genes @ Monument Market

3/25 Demystifying Food Labels @ Monument Market

​4/1 Navigating the Grocery Store with a Plan @ Monument Market

4/8 Organics and Herbs @ Monument Market

4/15 Sleep More; Stress Less @ Monument Market

4/22 ​Create Your Realistic Health Plan @ Monument Market

LEt's Be Honest


Many people avoid being healthy. Before you start, it seems like an impossible challenge filled with deprivation of your favorite foods and manic exercise. 

​We just don't see wellness that way! It's a way of life that needs to be realistic for you. No crazy gimmicks; just long term health. 

Ready to lose weight,  defeat inflammation, and be well? 

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