Endurance Wellness Coaching

A More holistic look

"Functional nutrition looks at the foundational way that food affects your body on the cellular level" - Blum Center for Health

Have you ever felt wired after getting too much sugar, followed by a monster crash? Does a big turkey dinner make you sleepy? After turmeric-flavored dinner at an Indian restaurant, do you notice some relief in your inflamed joint? Are you running to the bathroom after a high fat meal?

Your food either works with with your body to help it function at its best or bogs it down until you get sick. Every bite you take is contributing to your health in some way.

A wellness coach who takes a functional nutrition approach helps their clients be truly well, instead of just addressing the symptoms with a bandage. So much of our current general medicine is automated, paint by numbers, and severely lacking creativity. Instead of looking at the whole person, five minutes is spent fitting the symptoms into a diagnosis. You have to keep your body forever, so why are we treating it like this? 

Here's your homework: take a journal and create two columns. Write down everything you eat during the day (right before or as you're eating it) in the first column. In the second, write down how you're feeling throughout the day. When does your coffee stop giving you the jitters? What time do you crash in the afternoon? Do you get a second wind? 

Knowing how your food effects you is the first step in using it to make you feel your best!