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Alli Muschalek

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One of the first thing I'm asked when I tell people I'm a wellness coach is:

"So, you must be really healthy, right?"

Health is such a funny concept. So many people see it as eating 'just right' for every meal, every day, all of the time while you exercise twice every day (cardio and strength, of course). My meals must always be prepped on time, I must never hit the snooze button and sleep through my morning walk, and I definitely have never experienced the joy that is a fresh baked cookie (or three).

Alli Markham, MS

These people seem to think health is some horrible, deprived existence! That's just not what wellness is to me. My definition of health is the ability to fight off the stress, sickness, and other realities of daily life by setting up my diet and lifestyle for success. 

I use this holistic view in my coaching. Your wellness plan will be one that is realistic for you while paving the way to reach your goals. My job is to help you form those goals, that plan, and be there for motivation when real life throws you for a loop! 

So, what does wellness mean to you?