Beginner Power Yoga Workout

Endurance Wellness Coaching

Mountain Pose: Stand with feet hip distance apart and arms extended over your head

Crescent Pose: Lean back slightly, bending at the hips and keeping your arms high over your head

Forward Fold: Lean forward at the hips, bending slightly at the knees. Let your arms hang down to the ground, folding your body in half.

Downward Dog: Place you hands on the floor, walk your feet back until your heels reach the floor. Keep you back straight and legs straight, bending in half at the hips.

Plank: Lower your back side until  your body is straight, with your toes and hands on the floor. Keep you elbows over your wrists, using your abdominal muscles to hold you.

Low Lunge: Bring your right foot forward to be even with your hands. Be sure to keep your knee behind your toes.

Warrior One: Using you abdominal muscles, raise your upper body until you are in a full lunge. Raise you hands above your head.

Triangle Pose: Bend at the hips to bring your right hand down to touch your right foot and raise you left hand to keep your chest open.

Balancing Stick Pose: Straighten your right leg, lifting your left leg off the ground while you extend both arms over your head and lean forward. You will be in a T form, balancing on your right leg.

Forward Fold: Bring your left leg down to be even with your right. Bend your knees slightly, bend in half at the hips, and let your arms hang in front of your legs.

Low Lunge: Place your hands on the floor on each side of your right leg and straighten your left leg behind you, with your toe resting on the floor. Be sure that your right knee does not extend over your toe.

Plank: Straighten your right leg back, so that both toes are resting on the floor. Keep your body straight from your toe to your head. You shoulders should be directly over your wrists.

Table Top: Bend your knees and place them on the floor, keeping your back straight, in a crawling position.

Cat Pose: Round out your back, taking a deep breath.

Cow Pose: Drop your back, exhaling.

Child Pose: Sit back with  your bottom on your heels and arms extended forward, taking deep breaths. Walk you hands out a little further from your body.