Can A Cookie Ruin Your Day?

What is your "guilty pleasure" food?

Ice cream? Cookies? Bread? The EVERFORBIDDEN Twinkies?

Do you feel bad when you eat them? Why?

Especially around the new year, we love to talk about these grandiose health and wellness goals. But when it comes to our guilty pleasures, they're pushed into being "cheat" foods.

Cheating is bad, isn't it? So, we should feel guilty about eating those foods, right?

In that case, if we slip up on one of these guilty pleasures, we should feel awful, right? That little mistake should bring us down. We messed up with this cookie, so why not eat this whole tub of ice cream to go with it? Since we ate all that, why bother going to the gym today? And since we failed our New Year's resolution of not eating cookies, we should just give up and try again next year?



It seems silly written out like this, but that thought process is something that I see all the time. We feel so much guilt over little nutritional mistakes that we throw in the towel on all aspects of our health.

Your food choices should not make you feel guilty.


Does that mean you should go straight for the cookie when you're trying to lose weight? Of course not. But if you do slip up on one cookie, it's not the end of the world. Pick yourself right back up, and go on that walk you were planning on taking today, anyway. Cook up that healthy dinner, because that one cookie didn't completely ruin the plan.

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