Challenging Youself

Endurance Wellness Coaching

Why should you challenge yourself to be better, more well?

Of course, at the end of the challenge, you reach a goal, but there's more than that. Your body is made to adapt to its surroundings. It accepts the situations it's put in, and will eventually hit a rut if the situation never changes.

Consistently challenging yourself keeps your brain flexible and allows you to keep improving!

What are a few challenges that can keep you in tip top wellness shape?

Eat a home cooked meal, for every meal, for two weeks
Go to sleep 30 minutes early, then give yourself an extra half hour in the morning to do something for you
Walk for 30 minutes per day, breaking into a minimum of 10 minute increments
Drink half your weight in ounces of water every day
Get organized! Plan out meals around your calendar for two weeks.

Now, sometimes challenging yourself can be difficult. It's a challenge! But the risk of failing is not something we like to put on ourselves. Don't let that hold you back! Here are some strategies for setting yourself up for success:

Surround yourself with support. Get your friends and family involved in your challenge. With their support, there's nothing that can't be done.
Plan! Being organized and planning ahead improved your changes of success, but it's also important to plan for failure. Don't let a little mistake get you down! Be sure you have a plan for getting back up, letting it go, and continuing on with the challenge if there is a slip.
Make it fun. You're much less likely to stick to something you don't enjoy, so buy yourself that fancy new water bottle or calendar. Include your favorite meal when you prep! Go for a bike ride or yoga class if walking isn't your thing. This is for you!