Sometimes a true craving can be an underlying emotion or a nutrient deficiency. The best way to fight a craving is to understand it.

  • Chocolate: sense of deprivation; stress; magnesium deficiency
  • Carbs: fluctuations in blood sugar; low mood; depression; nitrogen deficiency
  • Sugar: blood sugar imbalance; mineral deficiencies (chromium, carbon, phosphorous, sulfur, tryptophan)
  • Fatty foods: low energy; fat deficiency; calcium deficiency
  • Ice: iron deficiency
  • Coffee or tea: salt deficiency; stress; lack of sleep
  • Carbonated drinks: calcium deficiency
  • Cold drinks: magnesium deficiency; or you're just thirsty
  • Salty foods: adrenal fatigue; stress; low electrolytes; chloride or silicon deficiency

What is your biggest craving? A well-rounded diet can help keep avoid nutrient deficiencies, keeping your cravings to a minimum! Don't let your cravings (real or mental) get in the way of your health!

Cravings, Cravings, Cravings

"I'm dying for some ice cream."

"Chocolate cravings keep me from sticking to my diet." 

Cravings are the worst nemesis of a weight loss goal. The first question I jump to when clients tell me they're experiencing one is: 

"Is it a mental craving or a real hunger?"

Uh, what?

Eating well is a mental game. Especially for the first few weeks into a change, big mental cravings pop up all over the place. Sugar is the big one; that it's an addictive substance is no joke! 

How do you tell the difference between a craving that's in your head or true hunger? 

Drink some water. It's easy to confuse hunger with thirst, so be sure to stay hydrated! 
Find another activity to keep you occupied for ten minutes. Forgot about the craving? It's not a real one!
Substitute your cravings with veggies, a little protein, some healthy fats, or other wholesome snack. Did you realize that you didn't really want something to eat? Guess what! It was a mental craving!

Now, just because you know it's a craving, doesn't make life any easier! So, how do you deal with it?

  • Don't have crave-ables around the house! Out of sight; out of mind. If it's not convenient, you're a lot less likely to eat it. 
  • Meal plan. Take the temptation out of your day by already knowing what you're having for the day,
  • Don't let yourself get hangry! Hunger is not a sustainable way to live, and it's a very easy way to push you over the edge to fall for that craving. This goes right along with meal planning; always have a back up plan so you don't starve! 
  • Speaking of a back up plan, make sure you have good substitutes around. Roasted vegetables can help crunchy, salty cravings. Fat bombs  can kill a chocolate craving. Zucchini pizza bites are a great substitute for the real thing! Sometimes just ignoring the craving isn't good enough, especially long term. Give your food a little fun!
  • Make sure you're getting all your nutrients. A craving can tell you that you're missing something. Get plenty of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals on your regular diet to keep your body from yelling at you that it needs something. 
  • Sleep more; stress less! Emotional eating is a real thing. Know your triggers and work through them without food. 

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