GEtting Started with a healthy lifestyle change

Endurance Wellness Coaching

Change is tough. There's no way around it; it just is what it is.

That's why I never want to push someone into a healthy lifestyle against their will. You have to be excited. You have to want it. You have to have a why! The first day is a fun adventure that you accomplish!

The second day... you're fading. You still have a little of your excitement, but you realized what it really meant to reach your goals. You hit the journey part of the destination. All these considered, you still have it in the bag.

Now we're at the third sugarless day, the excitement is gone, and the office candy bowl is calling your name. Your why is going to get you through it. Saying "no" to all of the no-no sweets in front of you can be frustrating and rage-inducing, but you have your why to keep you going. There's nothing I, as your coach, can say to motivate you if you don't already have that why resonating inside of you. At this point, I'm here to push you and remind you that you can!

Day four or five. You check the scale, and you're a couple of pounds down! You're feeling better, you woke up without feeling drowsy, and that need for sugar in the evening is pretty much gone. You're excitement is back! This is what you came for, and this what you wanted from your journey. Now, you know you can keep going and make it to your goal!

This is how a healthy lifestyle change is. It can be hard. It's not all sunshine and rainbows. It's not all effortless workouts and meals that are always perfectly prepped. There are ups and downs and supermotivation and times you want to eat a full loaf of bread. That's why you have a coach to keep you going. Your coach helps your good days power you through the bad and builds you up to keep you going!

The important part: you'll get there. You'll be a healthier person because of this journey. You'll feel better because of this journey. Best of all, you'll be better!

Have you gotten started yet?