Endurance Wellness Coaching

Group Fitness Classes

Come build your muscles in a fun, judgement-free, convenient place! Not only do we have several satellite class locations in the Austin area, we hold online group fitness classes for you to work out in the comfort of your own home. Our experienced trainers are able to encourage, instruct, and watch your form to make sure you get the most out of every workout. We offer a variety of workout types, so you can find one that you enjoy and fits your needs!

  • Circuit Training: Jump, lift, run, and lunge your way through a cardio plus strength workout for a full body, go-at-your-pace class
  • Power Yoga: Combine the relaxing mindset of traditional yoga with a strength component for maximum stress relief
  • Mommy & Me (or just Mommy!): Struggling to find the time to work out with a baby? Work out WITH your baby! This class is designed for mommas with little ones under the age of one year. Babies are able to be safely used as weight in this fun, bonding workout!
  • Iron Ankles Strength: Strap on the innovative dumbbell leg gear and improve your strength, balance, and range of motion with this free weight full body workout. Purchase your own Iron Ankles set here to get the full benefit out of the class.
  • Nirvanic Workout: With 30 minutes of fitness, 20 minutes, of yoga and 10 minutes of meditation, this well-rounded workout is sure to boost your mind-body connection.*This class is available on-site only at Nirvana GYM

Twelve hours advanced sign up is required to attend our group fitness classes (but if you're inside the twelve hours and really want to attend, give us a call). We keep our classes small so every person can get sufficient trainer attention.