Endurance Wellness Coaching

Partner Workout

Single Leg Ball Toss: Partners stand on one foot across from each other and chest pass a ball back and forth. When one partner falls, switch feet.

Lateral Lunge Pass: Partners stand facing each other with their left feet even. One partner is holding a ball.  Each partner takes a big step to the right into a lateral lunge, making sure their knee doesn't extend over their toe. Both partners push off their right foot to stand back in starting position, and the one with the ball tosses it to the other. Repeat 10 times on the right side and switch to the left lunge.

Medicine Ball Get Up + Squat: One partner lies on the ground with their knees bent. This partner will perform a get up, holding a ball straight above them. The arms will always be straight toward the ceiling. Using the abdominal muscle, sit up, being sure to keep the arms straight up the whole time, and hand the ball to the other partner. The other partner will be standing with each foot beside the lying partner's feet. When the ball is handed to the standing partner, they will perform a squat. When they stand back up at the end of the squat, the ball is passed back to the lying partner. After 20 get up and squats, switch places.

Russian Twist Medicine Ball Pass: Both partners sit on the ground next to each other. Lean back slightly, keeping backs straight. The first partner twists at the torso to each side, handing the medicine ball to the other partner when turning toward them. The other partner repeats the movement. Continue until each partner has completed ten twists. To make this more difficult, lift your feet slightly.

Wall Sit Ball Pass: Both partners sit against the wall, next to each other. Their backs are against the wall and knees are bent at a 90 degree angle. The partners will pass a ball back and forth, not falling past the 90 degree mark. When one partner falls, switch places.

Relay Race: Set a point that will be a comfortable quick run for each partner. At the starting point, on partner will sprint to the end and jog back, tagging off the next partner to run.

Plank 5's: Both partners get into plank position, facing each other. Being sure to keep their backs straight, the partners lift their left hands off the ground to give each other "5". Repeat with each hand back and forth for 30 seconds.

Lying Ball Pass: Partners lie across from each other with their feet facing each other. One partner puts a ball between their feet, lifts their feet straight up, and drops their feet back down so they can pass the ball to their partner's feet. The partner repeats: lifting their legs, lowering, and passing back. Pass back and forth 10 times.

Alternating Jumps: On a step or box, partners alternating jumping up and down. When one partner jumps up, the other jumps down. Continue for 30 seconds.