Endurance Wellness Coaching

When I say "treat", what do you think? A cookie? Brownie? Cupcake? Candy?

When my clients go through a healthy lifestyle, we see a major shift in what they consider "a treat". It's no longer a sugary concoction, because those things make them feel terrible! Why have a "treat" if it causes stomach pain, sore joints, or a killer headache? For some, strawberries are their treat. For others, it's a little granola and yogurt. For me, seeing the Bai5 watermelon drink in the impulse buy fridge at the grocery store was the greatest treat of all. When I saw it, I texted my friends, did a happy dance, and bought one to enjoy throughout a relaxing Sunday. I had never seen this flavor before, and I was so excited!

Treats aren't always the biggest sugary mess you can get your hands on. In fact, treats don't even have to be food! They're something you will truly enjoy that makes you feel good! They're something that you don't get often that gets you excited: a trip to the lake, a juicy peach, or a great movie!

Why make a treat something that you'll regret or makes you feel crappy? Redefine your treats!

Redefine Your Treats