​How Fitness Coaching Works

Endurance Wellness Coaching

How Nutrition Counseling Works

Want to lose weight? Defeat inflammation? Increase your energy? One-on-one coaching sessions to help you reach your goals. Work with your coach to create diet plans tailored to your individual needs. Even better? You have the support of a professional wellness coach every step of the way. 

To get started, schedule a consultation with a coach to go over your goals, dietary needs, and medical history. This consultation will be done over the phone or video chat. After that, your coach will create a personalized dietary plan just for you! Your monthly subscription gets you continued support, weekly tips, and monthly assessments from your coach gives you the tools to help you succeed. 

Ready to add some exercise to your total wellness plan? Let our coaches create a fun, effective workout plan for you or your group. First, we decide how often you or your friends want to get active. Once a week? Three times? Then we set up workout times that fit your schedule. Want to get started with your fitness coach? Send us an email to let us know your goals, favorite exercise types, how many participants we can expect, where you are located, and how many times per week you would like to meet.