Stretch it out

Endurance Wellness Coaching

Stretching has been historically used to increase range of motion in order to reduce risk of injury. For years, static stretching (holding the muscle in a stretched position for about 30 seconds) has been a favorite form of stretching. New research has shown that a dynamic warm-up (stretching movements that mimic the following exercises) before exercising with foam rolling to achieve myofacial release after exercise may bring more benefit than traditional static stretching. 

Dynamic Warm-Up: Do this before your workouts to prepare  your muscles for exercise. Perform each movement for about 30 seconds to a minute. 

Jogging & Backpedaling
Skipping & Backwards Skipping
High Knees & Butt Kicks
Side Shuffling
Arm Circles
Walking Lunges & Reverse Lunges
Walking Side Lunges
Tin Soldiers
Hip Openers & Closers

Foam Rolling: When you're foam rolling, remember to take your time. You want to roll about one inch every five or so seconds. 

Calves: Start with the foam roller under your calf with your other foot resting on the floor. Roll from your ankle to your knee, rotating  your leg inward, then outward to following your calf muscle.
Hamstrings: Roll along the backs of your thighs from the bottom of your buttcheeks to your knees. 
Gluteal Muscles: Sit on the foam roller. Cross one leg, rest your foot on the other knee, and lean on the buttcheck toward the bend leg. Follow the glute from the top of your hip to the top of your leg.
Chest Opener: Lie on your back with the foam roller between your shoulder blades and supporting your head. Bend your knees and lift your hips to keep your back even. Extend your arms out to open up your chest.
Latissimus Dorsi: Lie on your side and place the foam roller in your armpit. Roll just a few inches from the top of the ribcage to the armpit.  
Triceps: Lying on your side with your arm bent, roll from your elbow to the back of your shoulder, rotating your shoulder to following your muscle.
Iliotibial Band: Lie on your side, resting on your elbow with your top leg bent and foot on the floor to support you. The foam roller will follow your outer thigh, starting at your hip, down to your knee.
Quadriceps: Lying on your stomach, roll along the front of your thigh from the bottom of your hip to the top of your knee.