With our six month plan, you not only get the support and education through group fitness classes and lifestyle workshops, but personal attention from an experienced nutrition and fitness coach. Our goal is to make these tools enjoyable, affordable, and attainable. The Endurance Wellness Plan allows that while keeping you accountable and connected with our healthy living community. In the six month plan, you will transform your lifestyle in a holistic and effective way, addressing journaling and mindfulness, support system, stress and sleep, and goal setting while creating your personal nutrition and fitness plan. 

What do you get with the Endurance Wellness Plan?

  • Monthly one-on-one nutrition & fitness sessions with a professional wellness coach
  • Unlimited online or in-person group fitness classes
  • Lifestyle workshops to help you develop strategies to apply your healthy living knowledge
  • Consistent support from your coach and the Endurance Wellness Community
  • Bring a friend for free to all group classes and workshops
  • ​Referral benefits
  • Special access to group fitness classes with our affiliates
  • Excusive challenges and giveaways

"Sounds great! Where do I start?"​

  1. Clickhereto schedule your first Nutrition & Fitness Consultation. Your coach will send you instructions to log in for your appointment.
  2. Fill out the questionnaire, then click here to sign up for your Endurance Wellness Plan.
  3. You can now sign up for group fitness classes and workshops!
  4. Join your online Nutrition & Fitness Consultation; create goals and strategies with your wellness coach!
  5. After your initial consultation, your coach will give you a link to schedule your follow up appointments, promo code for your friends and family, and next steps. 
  6. ​Like us on Facebook and request to be added to the private Endurance Wellness Community
  7. Live life healthier!

The Endurance Wellness Plan

Endurance Wellness Coaching