Endurance Wellness Coaching

I have always been in love with fitness. I started out as a cheerleader, then I learned how to lift as a powerlifter for the University of Texas. 

Now, I am all about training to not only better myself and others physically, but mentally as well! To me, fitness is a lifestyle. Working out tends to have a negative connotation to it. Not everyone is meant to become a body builder or has time for crazy hourly workouts. I get that! I believe if you find a specific type of training that you can actually enjoy, it will make you and your life better!

With experience as a NASM certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and cheer leading coach for both children and adults, Alli is the perfect person to help you create a muscle building, weight losing, feel-better-all-around exercise program to fit into your life!

One of the first thing I'm asked when I tell people I'm a wellness coach is:

"So, you must be really healthy, right?"

Health is such a funny concept. So many people see it as eating 'just right' for every meal, every day, all of the time while you exercise twice every day (cardio and strength, of course). My meals must always be prepped on time, I must never hit the snooze button and sleep through my morning walk, and I definitely have never experienced the joy that is a fresh baked cookie (or three).

These people seem to think health is some horrible, deprived existence! That's just not what wellness is to me. My definition of health is the ability to fight off the stress, sickness, and other realities of daily life by setting up my diet and lifestyle for success. Sometimes life can throw me off of my wellness game, but my end goal stays the same!

Alli Muschalek, CPT

Professional Fitness Cheerleader

Alli Winkelmann, MS

Functional Nutrition nut

Why Endurance?

Have you ever gotten really excited about a diet or fitness kick or new health idea? You went all out, ready to fully transform into your new healthy lifestyle starting Monday! You cleaned out your fridge, swore off all sugar, did a super intense workout, meal planned down to the calorie, and vowed to do the same every day forever and ever.

Then something throws you off. You forgot that you had to be at a PTA meeting the night you had planned on making an extravagant, veggie-filled dinner. So, you stopped for fast food. You hit your limits on that first workout and had to skip the rest of the week. Your spouse brought home ice cream and you ate it. All of it. By Friday, you're so over all of this. You feel like a failure. You blew it. You're hangry

Although a lot of people try to sprint through life, we know your health just doesn't work that way. Our goal is to use our holistic nutrition and fitness expertise to help you make sustainable changes at a reasonable pace, so no one gets burned out on their healthy lifestyle (we think that rushing through makes it kind of unhealthy!). We want you to feel awesome for the long haul, and we'll be with you every step of the way!

I use this holistic view in my coaching. Your wellness plan will be one that is realistic for you while paving the way to reach your goals. My job is to help you form those goals, that plan, and be there for motivation when real life throws you for a loop! 

So, what does wellness mean to you?

Backed by tons of experience as a weight loss coach, group fitness instructor for both children and adults, corporate wellness program coordinator, a certificate in Nutritional Therapy, and a Master's in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, Alli is more than ready to help you build the healthy lifestyle that you've been searching for! Check out Alli in the Legendary Marriage Podcast: How to Start Eating Healthier, as the subject matter expert in Amslee Institute's Fitness Basics and Special Diets courses, and as an Iron Ankles group fitness instructor