Why Endurance?

Have you ever gotten really excited about a diet or fitness kick or new health idea? You went all out, ready to fully transform into your new healthy lifestyle starting Monday! You cleaned out your fridge, swore off all sugar, did a super intense workout, meal planned down to the calorie, and vowed to do the same every day forever and ever.

Then something throws you off. You forgot that you had to be at a PTA meeting the night you had planned on making an extravagant, veggie-filled dinner. So, you stopped for fast food. You hit your limits on that first workout and had to skip the rest of the week. Your spouse brought home ice cream and you ate it. All of it. By Friday, you're so over all of this. You feel like a failure. You blew it. You're hangry

Although a lot of people try to sprint through life, we know your health just doesn't work that way. We're normal, real life people who want to help you be well. No gimmicks, no breaking the bank, and no shaming here, but you will find plenty of community, support, and understanding! Our goal is to use our holistic nutrition and fitness expertise to help you make sustainable changes at a reasonable pace, so no one gets burned out on their healthy lifestyle (we think that rushing through makes it kind of unhealthy!). We want you to feel awesome for the long haul, and we'll be with you every step of the way!

Endurance Wellness Coaching