Why gaining weight is so easy

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For many, many, many years, fat was the culprit of our weight gain. Fat is the devil. Fat causes high blood pressure and heart disease. Fat causes GI problems and makes us feel sluggish. Fat is why we get fat, right? If we're thinking about calories in versus calories out, each gram of fat has double the calories of protein and carbs. It just makes sense!

But it's false! More recent research has thrown the fat problem completely out the window. We used to assume that all calories are the same, but they're not! You're not a math equation, and foods works with your body in many different ways.

Carbs are the new culprit. Sugar is the devil. Sugar causes high blood pressure and hear disease. Sugar causes GI problems and makes us feel sluggish. Carbs, especially sugar, causes your insulin levels to skyrocket. Insulin is a storage hormone, so it'll dump all of the extra calories into your fat cells (let's be honest: are we really using all the calories we eat every day?).

There are other factors involved here, too, though. We are so good at dropping out metabolic rate by sitting around all the time and eating too little to have our bodies functioning optimally. This makes your body freak out and use fewer calories to keep you going. Then, when you have more calories than normal, your body freaks out again and quickly gets all available energy into the fat cells for storage. Because what if you starve it again?!

The major down side? Once fat is in the cell, it's no walk in the park to get it out. That's your body's stored energy, and it needs it for famine! But we don't have real famine. We have lots and lots of feast.

It a vicious cycle that can be stopped by boosting up that metabolism. Exercise, eating well, stressing less, sleeping enough, decreasing our toxic load. As a society, we're not very good at these. That's why it''s so easy for us to gain weight. The solution is simple, but it can be a difficult journey. It goes against what everyone around you is doing. But, is your health worth it?