Why losing weight is so hard

Endurance Wellness Coaching

We're going to talk about a buzzword that, overused, makes me a little bit nuts. Almost tear my hair out nuts. We're using this buzzword because not using the generalization turns a short explanation into a full-fledged research paper. Now we're going to talk about how toxins effect your weight loss.

The word "toxins" describes the nasties in everything: the sulfates in your shampoo, the pesticides in your produce, the smog in the air you breathe. Toxins are EVERYWHERE. Everyone has their own little toxic load, and everyone's body has its way of taking care of that load. One way to get rid of toxins is to shove it away in fat cells so it can't harm the rest of your body.

Therein lies the problem when people try to lose weight. Their bodies dumped a bunch of nasties in their fat cells, assuming it would never be seen or heard from again. When someone tries to burn off those fat cells, the toxins enter the blood stream, potentially reeking havoc on the rest of the body. If your body doesn't think it can handle the increased toxic load from releasing the nasties from the fat cells, it absolutely will not release the nasties from the fat cells by burning up those fat cells. It's how the body looks after itself.

All of these liver cleanses, detoxes, and crash diets can force the body to increase its toxic load, which can make you sick. With all of those toxins hanging out in your bloodstream, your body is going to look for a way to get rid of them. It does that by dumping them back into fat cells. causing a yo-yo effect in weight loss.

How do we fix this? A diet overhaul. My clients make major adjustments in their diet while they're losing weight help their kidneys and liver eliminate the toxic overload and keep their body in tip top shape.