You are Not a Dog

Endurance Wellness Coaching

Our culture is extremely food-centric. We go out to eat to spend time together, we celebrate with cake, and we mourn with ice cream. We grab pizza on the way home, because we deserve s night off. Even our kids see this buy getting candy when they get a good grade or behave well.

One of the most difficult changes made while creating a healthy lifestyle breaking the habit of food rewards. This doesn't mean that you can't enjoy food, but it's so important to consciously make an effort to change the way you see a reward. It seems a little silly to celebrate a healthy week with a doughnut, doesn't it? Why would you counterbalance a great workout with a soda?

Although this seems obvious, we neglect how much emotional value we place in our food. I have had many clients who find out that hard way that food is their comfort, their hobby, and they're boredom treatment. Eating becomes mindless picking that we didn't realize was even happening.When food has become such an ingrained part of your life, that change is extremely challenging.

So, how do we fix it? Find new hobbies, new comforts, and new ways to fight boredom. Go for a walk when you're frustrated, celebrate with new clothes instead of sweets, and color if you just need something to do with your hands.

If health and obesity is such a current issue for us, why are we passing the problem down to our kids? Stop giving them candy for straight A's and pizza when they've been good all day long. Break out the preventative measures by rewarding them with experiences, not their taste buds.